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Daily Younger Skin Care System


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Do you needs  low-maintenance skin care regimen?

And need the know how to achieve a glowing Skin ? If so, then the ……is your perfect choice!

We have specifically picked these four products to provide all the benefit you need for a basic youth-promoting skin care regimen.

  1. Start the morning by cleansing your skin with the Green Tea Cleanser. Follow this up with the  Antioxidant Serum to protect your skin against free radical damage, then apply the sunscreen to protect you from sun burn – Goat Milk Lotion for other body part for younger and better skin appearance
  2. In the evening, cleanse with the Green Tea Cleanser, then apply the Moisturizer but if on a budget apply your toner(on this kit)  to smooth your skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles while you sleep.
  3. Exfoliate your skin two or three times per week with our Advanced Exfoliating Cream. If you have sensitive skin, then limit exfoliation to once per week.  Decrease the frequency of exfoliation if you have irritation.
  4. Mild Daily Exfoliation  with our Green Tea Facial Cleanser or Facial Cleanser Toner can replace a once a week exfoliation – Great for sensitive skin

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