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Dark Spot Corrector

  • For spot treatment / even skin tone
  • Knuckle /Ankle or dark skin spots
  • Skin lightener that work on different levels
  • Use twice a day for 2week to see noticeable result
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Fast absorbing skin-lightening oil that leaves a protecting film on the skin. Corrects darks spots and gives an even skin tone..

Can be used on the Ankle, knuckle and dark spot areas on the skin

Quick oil serum that leaves a protecting film on the skin. Contains oil and water soluble skin
lighteners that work on different levels.

For spot treatment or even skin tone. Use twice a day for several
weeks/months. Skin will be sensitive to UV radiation, avoid the sun or use a sunscreen for protection.

Maximize your results by using Botanical Body consistently. You’ll start to see results in as little as two weeks with major changes happening after about 4–8 weeks!


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