Our Story

Organic Shoppe develops products from natural ingredients with the right proportion to promote healthy skin and lifestyle. We began developing products in 2015 and since then have grown into creating about 500 products.


With so much emphasis on redefining beauty in today’s world, natural products have become the go-to in the beauty industry. Studies have proven that skincare is the foundation and basis of a proper beauty routine. Women of colour are more concerned about the ingredients that should be contained in a healthy skin care product.


At Organic Shoppe, we’re all about quality organic products. We believe every black woman is beautiful and should be proud of her skin colour. To achieve flawless and glowy skin, we got you covered with our “botanical body” products.


Botanical Body provides quality products created from natural plants extracts.
When it comes to holistic beauty we go above and beyond. We believe what goes on your body is as important as what goes in it. After 2 years of research, Botanical Body product ranges were produced to help all skin types and skin variants (complexion, texture)


Our endeavor is to produce the most effective botanical beauty Products.
We scout the world to source the highest quality ingredients, precious plant extracts, magical oils and potent cosmeceuticals.


Ultimate potency, absolute freshness and complete purity are our criteria of selection, ensuring that each formula instantly improves the way your skin looks and feels

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful
Yohji Yamamoto
Fashion Designer

Why Choose Us

All Natural Ingredients

Our products are non-GMO, do not contain harmful additives and cruelty-free, great for all skin types, and made with natural ingredients.

Secure Payment

To help provide a safe experience, we only allow payment methods that offer strong protection for our buyers.

24/7 Support

We maintain a dedicated e-commerce support center providing support for your shopping experience and technical assistance.


new level of glow

Botanical Body products stand out among many other organic and natural skincare lines because they contain scientifically proven youth-promoting ingredients that would help your skin stay ageless.

We can categorically tell you that our skincare line combines natural and organic ingredients with the most scientifically proven ingredients which end up minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and more

Ever heard that good skin equals good confidence?

As a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, I’m committed to providing you with the finest in natural skincare and nutritional supplements. Each product has been formulated to provide you with the highest in quality, purity, and results.